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Choosing The iPad That Fit my Needs

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The iPad 32 GB Wi-Fi, The HTC Hero and the HuaWei E585

It’s been almost a week since I bought my iPad in Hong Kong.  It’s a wonderful device and unlike other gadgets that I previously bought, I did not experience buyer’s remorse whatsoever with the device.   For those who read my blog – I think you will know by now that the biggest disappointment I experienced with gadgets is with the Nokia N97.  The latter had a lot of promise but apart from taking good pictures and being able to make phone calls,  it fell short of my expectations.

The iPad on the other hand was a device I have been lusting over since it was introduced.  Why I wanted the device:

- Battery Life – 10 Hours of usage and more on Stand By. I have an iPod Touch and after using it to surf the net for one hour, I have to plug it into a power outlet.

- Portability – I have a Ferrari One 200 – a very powerful and Handy PC.  However – it is still heavy and bulky.  The iPad can fit into the sleeve of my Brief Case.

- Applications from Apple – I discovered that I can install the Applications I bought for my iPod into the iPad.  They are wonderful iPod applications and the experience was just made “bigger” with the size of the iPad.

All of these needs/wants for the iPad are met wonderfully by the device.  I know that there are a lot of features that the gadget does not have.   Let’s start with the features that I opted out from:

- 64GB of Storage – I opted for the 32 GB of storage.  I have an iPod Touch.  Up to now, I have not filled up that gadget with Music, Videos and Photos.  I recognize that with a bigger device – the same content will fill up more space.  That’s alright,  the iPad is too big to be an MP3 player – so I don’t foresee storing my Music on that device.

- 3G Connection – I did not choose to get the 3G model.  I got the WiFi model.  This lack of 3G connection is addressed by my purchase of the Mobile WiFi router – HuaWei E585.  With the Mobile WiFi – I can connect – not just the iPad – but also my other devices.

- Apart from the Mobile connection – the only other feature that 3G has is GPS.   From my experience of the other devices I have – GPS does not work well in Manila.   For some reason – the GPS Satellites can not pinpoint well where I am.  The “triangulated” location from the Wi-Fi network is accurate enough for my needs.

My Other Gadgets – The ACER Ferrari One 200, The HTC Hero, The Nokia BH503, and the Nokia N97


Now on the missing features on iPad and why it is not a deal breaker for me.

- Camera – I don’t do Video Chat.  I have a WebCam on my laptop and have never used it.

- Good display under the Sun – I stay indoors most of the time.  I cannot stand staying outdoors – unless I’m on vacation.

- Flash Support – I never missed it in on my iPod Touch – and it is actually refreshing when I don’t see the FLASH based advertisements on Websites.

- Open Environment for Applications – I can Jailbreak my iPad if I want to.  I don’t see the need for it.  I have Jailbroken my iPod Touch and it seems to be running slower.  As for downloading applications for free – Come On – I work for the IT industry.  I support paying for applications for our enterprising brethren.

I guess it’s clear – I love my new iPad 32 GB Wi-Fi.  It is exactly what I wanted – so for now, I’m in gadget heaven.


  1. Sexy kit!
    I've got a new Macbook on loan just now, oh it's amazing, it's so much better than my old computer, everything's so fast and pics download so quickly, I've got one week left till I go back to my old one - hand cranked by a monkey in a sweater.

  2. The Macbook is the only gadget missing from my collection of Apple must haves. I've always used Windows based computers. Which is generally good - but it does seem to crawl when I have to process photos and videos. Hmmm ... does this mean I have to get a Macbook?

    On the iPad - it's a great gadget and I'm happy that I can continue using it to read Bourbons and Pearls.