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Continuing the Grindr Experiment

I continued with the Grindr experiment to understand what attracts the male population who use it.  If you can recall, I’ve had three changes of profile pictures previously.  Each one of these pictures yielded different results.  So far, the most popular picture is that of Char Siew and myself.

Since Char Siew seemed to be popular with the boys, I decided to just post Char Siew’s picture.  If it’s a popular as our joint picture then – I can conclude that it was his cuteness which drew the boys in.  I chose this very cute puppy picture:


This picture got very little attention.  I think I got a couple of messages.   So at least I have established that the interest was not all about the puppy.  So I decided  to bring back the popular picture.


Again – it got the attention that it originally attracted.  I thought to myself – what if I keep myself in the picture and change the animal?   There’s this picture I really liked taken in Calauit. 


Stay Tuned for the results on this picture and the conclusion of my Grindr experiment.

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