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A Debate Settled by Google Goggles

This photo is part of the decor of Whistle Stop – a 24 x 7 restaurant that I have written about previously. 

We were sitting at our booth and our friends and I had a debate on what it is.   I thought it was a train station.  I have seen train stations which are beautifully decorated.  One of my friends indicated that it looks like a museum since she sees sculptures in the photo.

To settle the debate,  we tried Google Goggles.   It’s an application that comes with Android phones which uses the camera phone to capture the image and match that image against Google’s image database.  Whistle Stop has free Wi-Fi so it would not be a problem doing the search.   Voila – the Google Goggle search named the place in the photo:  It’s Musee d’ Orsay in Paris France.


So my friend was right – it is a Museum.  However, it has not always been a museum.  Prior to 1977, it was actually a train station: Gare d’Orsay.  So calling it a train station is also right.

We learned a lot about the Museum from that encounter – thanks to the wonderful application of Google Goggles.

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