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Discovering Filterstorm

Filterstorm is one of the highly recommended applications for the iPad.  It’s a Photo Editing software that the creators claim was built with the iPad in mind.  I can’t contest that claim since the TOUCH screen interface of the iPad along with the iPad’s bigger screen really allows a user to apply editing techniques on Photos.

I bought the application ( 2.99 USD ) and tried using it on one of my existing photos.  The picture on the left is the original.  The picture on the right is the edited version.


The edits that I applied:

- Straightened the Horizon.

- Flipped the picture Horizontally,   From my perspective flipping it somehow shows that the Balloons are Landing instead of taking off.

- Adjusted the Hue to Highlight the Blue Skies

- Intensified a Poster Effect for the Photo

I do not  make money out of Photography.  It’s a hobby.  I like taking pictures and FilterStorm is a great ( and cheap ) tool for doing the minor adjustments for sharing the photos just the way I want it.

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