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Fun Camera Action on Android

iPhone users have Hipstamatic.  It’s the Camera App which makes digital photography mimic vintage cameras.  For Android users like me ( I have the HTC hero ) – we could only look at our friends’ fantastic photos with envy.  However, this camera envy is a thing of the past – as Android gets Retro Cam which provides the same functionality.


Four types of shot settings; Barbel, Orange Box, Xolaroid, Pinhole

screen (1)

View your pictures in Dark Room Style

I am posting some of the photos that I took using the application.   I am happy with the results – and I’m sure I’ll have lots of fun taking interesting shots using my phone camera.  BTW – did I mention that the App is free?


Pastries from the Local Bakery


Honey Almond Popcorn


Lunch at Figaro


Bonifacio High Street Interactive Art


Bonifacio High Street Trellis


Stuck in Traffic

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