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The Glee Singing Community

I have downloaded the Glee app so many months ago. I was excited to use it during the first few days. Having an app which allowed me to sing to the tunes from Glee was just awesome. I was able to sing most songs but I realized a lot of them were beyond my vocal capabilities. You see, I sang bass/baritone in the glee club. This means that the songs of Finn are beyond my vocal range. I can sing the girls' songs just an octave lower.

I sang hundreds of times but I've only uploaded less than a dozen. These were the renditions that I was not embarassed to post. Luckily,I get nods of approval from the listeners around the globe.

Today, after so many weeks of not checking out the app, I discovered that someone joined me in two renditions of "True Colors". Initial reaction? I felt violated but i got over it in two minutes. That's the essence of the app. It's a venue for Glee fans to sing, listen, and sing together.

Location:Valero,Makati City,Philippines

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