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Globe User Again

I have been a SMART user for the past three years.  My personal mobile and my company issued mobile are both with SMART telecommunications.  I have two internet connections both on SMART.

Today – this changed.  I am no longer an exclusive SMART user.  The company phone has switched to GLOBE.  This was not unexpected.  SMART’s corporate account officers for our company had not been responsive to our requests.  The most recent event that triggered the actual switch is our company lines getting disconnected because of inter-departmental non-communication between billing and support of SMART.   Our company phones are heavily used by the support people like me so that definitely prompted us to look elsewhere.

GLOBE have had problems in the past year.  Their phone lines as well as data lines suffered heavily from their UNLIMITED promotions.  Their network could just not handle the added users.  They seem to have fixed that.   SMART – on the other hand is now playing catch up.  As a loyal user – I hope that they catch up fast.

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