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A Great Performance Deserves an Encore


I am too old to go to clubs.  The last time I went to a club was for this year’s pride party in Bed.  You all know how that turned out – I lost my wallet which luckily just contained a little bit of cash, one ATM card, my Driver’s license and one Credit Card.  Of the things that I lost – it was really just the Driver’s license which turned out to be difficult to replace. 


This weekend – my friends decided to be hospitable our company’s guests.  We originally planned to go to Republiq – which was a good choice because if I didn’t find the whole scene fun,  I will just excuse myself and head out to the Resort World Casino which is housed in the same location.  The problem is that Republiq – being the hottest thing in town requires two weeks notice to reserve a table.  Of course – at this age – I refuse to queue up for a club – and if I don’t get a reserved table --- I would rather not go to the club.


So we ended up in Encore which didn’t have the waiting list.  Encore is the resurrected Embassy.  Embassy was closed down due to a stabbing incident.  If you ask me – the club’s name is a bit lame.    The tag line is lamer.  BTW – the title of this post is that tag line.  I did not come up with it.


I have to be fair though – the club was fun.  They played Hip hop and R&B.  The music spanned three decades.  


The question of course – you will ask is --- does my clubbing gig deserve an Encore?  Nope --- my gig as the Clubbing queen is way over. 

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