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Grindr Conclusion

I am concluding my experiment on Grindr.  For my regular readers, you  already know that I have been trying to figure out what attracts the men who use Grindr.   The methodology that I used was not scientific.   “Attraction” is measured by the number of messages I get depending on the picture that I used in my profile.

The last picture that I used is my picture with the Giraffe from Calauit:

This picture yielded good results.  It was actually as popular as this picture with Char Siew my Shar Pei:

For both pictures, I get opening messages from men indicating that they find either the Giraffe or Char Siew cute.  They then proceed to ask how I am doing and then go back to talking about the picture and the animals in them.   After a number of exchanges – that’s when they focus the conversation on me.   They ask more questions about me and make an assumption that I love animals ( which is true ).

Why these pictures work:

1.  The animals are neutral topics.  Men don’t like being rejected and ignored.  They seem to know that if they talk about the animals first – they will get attention.

2.  These pictures provide a glimpse about my personality.  It starts the conversation.   It’s a lot harder to approach a man ( even online ) when you don’t really know anything about them.  

3.  The picture is not intimidating.  Depending on whether a person is better looking or not – they can be intimidated by a very good looking face picture.  I do get asked for a clearer face picture after a few exchanges – I’m happy that they continue with the conversation even when they see the face picture.

I am finished with my experiment.  It was fun to meet new friends while doing it.   For now – I will stick with the Giraffe picture. 

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