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Grindr Picture with Kitty

I have written about Grindr in a previous post.  I have indicated that a picture of Char Siew and me was popular with the boys.  A lot of the boys start the conversation by commenting on how cute Char Siew is.  They then proceed to giving me a compliment as well.  That has definitely been a good experience.

I promised that I will experiment a little bit and change my profile picture to see what the boys of Grindr like.  Yesterday,  I changed the picture to my Tokyo picture with Hello Kitty.  Guess how many messages I got.  A big fat Zero.  That’s right – nobody said hello.  Only three of the guys I had previous conversations with made a comment about the new picture.

DSC05438[1] I will proceed with the experiment.   This time, I will take myself out of the picture completely and just leave Char Siew.   I would like to see how much of the impact of the previous picture can be attributed to my cute puppy Char Siew.

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