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Hong Kong via Cathay Pacific Airways

This is actually my first business trip to Hong Kong.  Come to think of it, I have not been to Hong Kong overnight even for Holiday because the last time I was in Hong Kong it was via the Ferry from Macau. For the residents of Asia, there are two airlines which are considered premiere: Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific.  Both airlines provide best in class service.  Singapore was a common destination for me in my previous job.  So Singapore Airlines and I are acquainted pretty well.   Cathay Pacific was a connection flight for my trips to New Zealand.   I’ve only been to New Zealand twice so this is only my third time taking Cathay Pacific.


The one and a half hour flight was great.  I opted to pay for extra leg room.  Sitting by the exit seat – costs 25 USD.  It’s funny that they didn’t approach me and ask me if I am willing to assist in case of emergency.  I guess the airline realized that if I have to pay extra for that seat – then I don’t owe them the obligatory nod for the emergency assistance.


That’s just one part of the cost cutting measures from the airline.  I also noticed that the food served was not as fancy as it used to be.  However – even if it’s not fancy – the lowly luncheon meat sandwich was really good.


I’m in Hong Kong for three days.  I am looking forward to the Saturday which I will use to roam around the Wan Chai area.   I’m looking forward to my trip back home on Cathay.  I’m sure the experience will be as great as the trip today.

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