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A Lucky Man

I booked my return flight from Hong Kong to Manila in the afternoon.  I thought that it will give me a chance to explore some parts of the city first half of the day before I headed out for the airport.  I got a phone call from our data center early in the morning and that made me too lazy to explore.  I thought that I will just walk around the Wan Chai harbor like I did the previous night.

As I walked around the same place,  I have been approached twice by a man offering me a golden coin.  I figured that he was a “holy” man trying to give me some “luck” for a price.  I am used to saying no to people like him and I continued my late morning stroll.  When I got tired, I decided to walk back to the hotel.  Close to the entrance of the hotel – I was stopped by a man telling me that he sees something on my forehead.  That got my attention.  I checked if the “L” sign on my forehead a la “Glee” has reappeared.  He continued on to say, “You are a lucky man.  I can see it on your forehead”.  “Good,” I thought.   At least “L'” meant lucky and not loser. 

I responded, “Thank you.  Yes I know I’m a very lucky man”.  I wasn’t lying.  That’s how I feel.  I’ve always had good fortune.]\

He then offered to give me a reading of my fortune which I politely declined.  Who needs their fortune read when you already know you are a lucky man?

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