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Midori Beagle’s Twitter Feed

My Beagle Midori has a Twitter account.  When I read the twitter feed, I swear I sometimes think that the Beagles are actually Tweeting.  It’s very entertaining to read the “conversation” the Beagles are having.   Here is a sample of that exchange:

BuddyTheBeagle: The crow just bit my nuts! I was focused on my food; he sneaked from behind, and OUCH! I got so mad! His beak felt like tweezers.

iamabeagle: @BuddyTheBeagle hahahaaa that just fowl! Get it fowl … of forgive me. it was a rough morning at the vet.

iamabeagle: Ok soo never again will I go to the stupid vet.  3 people held me down.  He uses biggest needle I’ve ever seen. Not cool. I cried.

iamabeagle: Screamed. Serious pain. I’ll never go there again. And his cookies suck! Didn’t take it.  Now I’m going to bed so upset I can’t even eat.

sleepytyson: @iamabeagle If it takes 3 people to hold you down.  I think I need 8. I shiver violently every time I go to the vet. :-(

sleepytyson: What jab did you take anyway? Hop you feel better & get more noms later.  It’s fatal when a beagle screams. :-(

iamabeagle: Suprelorin that's what I got today. Sure there r pros & cons. Just happy I could keep my googlies! :-)) c how it wrks.

MidoriBeagle: @sleepytyson @iamabeagle : daddy leaves the room when I get shots.

sleepytyson: @MidoriBeagle Ooh that’s scary. I could never go in alone.  The vet’s scary and I can’t help staying stock still when he’s around. :O

MidoriBeagle: @iamabeagle: Good you can keep your googlies. Just stay away from Crows or you might end up with bitten Googlies like @BuddyTheBeagle.

iamabeagle: @MidoriBeagle BOL...poor @BuddyTheBeagle. For the next days he'll bark like a lady! :-))

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