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New Gadgets To Fill Up my D&G Bag

I am currently in Gadget heaven.  Prior to my trip to Hong Kong,  I wrote about my Gadget wish list.  All the wishes have been granted.  Thanks to the Wan Chai electronic center which was a walking distance from our company’s Hong Kong office and the Hotel I stayed at.

To refresh everyone’s memories, these are the gadgets that I drooled over.

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The HuaWei E8530 Portable Wifi, The Plantronics/Altec Lansing Backbeat 903, and the iPad.

I got all of these gadgets from one store.  Apart from these gadgets, I also got a Zoom lens attachment for my Sony NEX 5.  All in all, I spent a fortune on that shop.   While I was buying these gadgets, the salesman noticed my bag.  A D&G messenger type bag that I bought from Adora prior to the trip to Hong Kong.  He admired the bag and asked me if it’s fake.  I was surprised – at the question and I jokingly said, “I just spent a fortune on your store and you ask me if the bag is fake?”  He realized that it was indeed an uncalled for question and profusely apologized.  Note – I did not feel insulted because I know that it’s easy to assume fake goods in Hong Kong because they do get a lot from mainland China.   I am however happy to report that the goods I bought from the store were all original.


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