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Philippine Airlines – Personal Screens

Flying on Philippine Airlines from Cebu to Manila, we discovered that the Coach seats actually have personal screens.   That was a pleasant surprise.  The flight was less than an hour.  If you fly Cebu Pacific – you have the in flight games lead by the Flight Attendants.   Not all Flight Attendants from Cebu Pacific are “fun”.  So I’ve been to a number of those flights when those games end up as dry attempts to amuse the passengers.

With the Personal Screen of PAL – a passenger actually has access to a number of games.  One of them is a Trivia game which you play against other passengers who are interested in the game.  My competitive streak got the better of me and I took the game really seriously.   Another game is a favorite:  Bejewelled.  I love the game on Facebook.  I love the game on my iPod and iPad.  Of course – I love playing it on the PAL personal screens.

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