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Reading via Kindle

One App that I downloaded immediately after getting the iPad is the Amazon Kindle.  I have not had close encounters with the Kindle gadget – so I don’t know if reading the books via Kindle is different from reading them via the iPad.  Apple has it’s own reader via iBooks.  I have also downloaded free titles on that App and I am now revisiting “Alice in Wonderland” via iBooks.  You may ask – why did I get the Kindle?

The answer is simple – there are so many titles that I’d like to read and are available via the Amazon store.  One of those books is the latest by Timothy James Beck.  The title of the book is “When You Don’t See Me”.  The physical version of the book was priced at $16.95.  I also have to pay for shipping because I don’t live in the US.  Shipping can be at least an additional $ 5.   The electronic book version costs $11.60.    That’s a lot of savings and I get the book instantly.

Like many bibliophiles, I am not letting go of Physical books.  Reading is not just about the words – there’s something about the smell and feel of books that I just love.   However – for reasons of cost savings and instant delivery – I’d be happy to take advantage of the electronic version.

Before I end this – I’d like to highlight a neat trick that comes with the Kindle.   If you highlight a word – the meaning of that word as well as a link to Wikipedia will be brought up.   I find that really useful.

photo(This is an iPod snapshot of a page in the book “When You Don’t See  Me”)

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