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Walking Home with My Retro Cam

I go to the gym three times a week.  It’s an hour of grueling exercise with Rico, my trainer.  We have been trying to recover the body that I had prior to my life of sloth and avarice of the recent years.   So three times a day I do penance to get me out of this monstrous figure.  Penance composed of crunches, lifts, and the most of dreaded of all – the lunges.

Part of this regular ritual is to walk to and from the gym and back home.  Today, I felt inspired to use my Retro Cam to capture scenes during that walk.  I have always raved about the fact that I live in the middle of the business district.   It allows me to get to key locations in the city in under 10 minutes – even by foot.   I must admit that Makati is not the most beautiful city in the world – but it is home.  That’s why for a resident like me,  I find beauty and interesting scenes in the mundane.

Walk Home

Shot using the Barbl in Retro Cam

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