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What Gets you Through a Crisis?

I have experienced the so called “Quarter-Life Crisis”.  I have conquered that crisis and has moved on with my life.  At that time, life didn’t make sense.  The success that I have achieved were meaningless.

Today – looking back at those times – I realized that a lot of the supposed difficulties were self inflicted.  Life didn’t lose it’s meaning.  However, what I perceived to be the rules of life were just being challenged by the new experiences that I had.

This book “Conquering Your Quarterlife Crisis” came out years after I have overcome my own.  Out of curiosity, I read the book.  From someone who has conquered the supposed demons of that time,  I find that there is wisdom in what the author wrote.  However – if there’s anything that I learned from my own experience – what got me through it are my friends.  Friends are there not to give the solutions to the problems.  Remember – the crisis is not about real problems – they are all imagined.  Friends – are there to help you understand what’s real and what’s imagined.


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