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Wishing that I can Fly First Class

On my flight back to Manila,  I encountered the business class seats of Cathay Pacific.  I wasn’t booked on business because it is our company’s policy that only trans-Oceanic sights can be booked on Business class.  I don’t have any complaints on Delta Airlines’ Business Class seats – but I was definitely impressed with the Business class seats of Cathay Pacific.

I was a bit chatty with the Flight Attendants and I exclaimed that it was my first time to see their business class seats.  She encouraged me to check out First class.  I did.  That was huge.  It’s the size of a cubicle in our office.   I guess it’s true – once you get to experience First Class – you’d never want to go back to Coach.


For Posterity’s sake, I had my picture taken.  In today’s economy – it seems to luxurious to fly First Class – especially on the Company’s money.  However – things will get better and when it does – I do hope that I get to experience Cathay Pacific’s first class.

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