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Apple Airport Express

I ordered Apple Airport Express a month ago from the Apple Store.  I was looking for a new WiFi router to replace my Linksys router which were manifesting issues.  This was my second Linksys router which seems to have encountered issues after one year of usage.  So I told myself I should look for an alternative.   I have been satisfied with the Apple products that I have bought and thought that maybe it’s time to buy the WiFi router – Airport express.

Ordering from the Apple Store was seamless.   Delivery was also problem free.   I got the package a day before the promised delivery date.

Upon receipt of the package – I immediately installed the router.  Like any Apple product – setup was simple.

The router actually has added bonus apart from providing Wireless access to the internet.  It has a USB port and a 3mm Audio jack.   The USB port can be used to hook up a printer so you can wirelessly send print jobs to the printer.   The 3mm Audio jack can be used to plug in a speaker.  This allows users to send music to that speaker from a computer running iTunes.

Needless to say – I am happy with the router.   With this order and with the iPad and the second generation iPod touch that I have – I have slowly become an Apple Fan boy.  My mobile carrier does not sell iPhone 4.  If they did – I will most probably get it.   As soon as Apple announced iPod 4th Generation,  I logged on to the Apple Store and ordered it.   It will not be available till five weeks later.  I’m getting antsy over it but from my previous experience – I know that it will be delivered on my doorstep as promised.

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