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A blog I am following observed in her recent trip that she has seen one too many men carrying the purse of their girlfriend or wife. She then posed a question for her readers on what we think about women asking their boyfriends to carry their purse for them. I responded.

I cannot understand how a woman can relinquish an accessory by asking their men to carry their purse. I understand that a purse is supposed to carry the many things that a woman carries around with her. So there is a need that it serves. However, we all know that it is not just the need to carry stuff that it serves. If that was the case, women will just carry sacks around their shoulder. It is an accessory that is supposed to complete a get up. Therefore when a woman passes the bag to his man - she ends up with an incomplete get up. So I would say - if a woman passes the bag to her man, then that purse must be too ugly for her to carry. My advice to her is to find a purse that is pretty enought for here to carry herself.

If she then insists in carrying a bag - but finds it too heavy and she wants her man to carry it for her, I suggest that she carries a bag that will not strip her man of his masculinity. For some of us, we all know that how the man looks says something about the woman as well. His look must complete her overall get up. So for a woman to give her girly purse to her man - she just ends up looking like a confused couple. If she is willing to give up her purse - then I guess she wouldn't mind carrying a man bag for a little bit before giving it to her bag slave.

If it's the man who insists to carry the bag for the woman? I don't care if you all think that's chivalrous ... If I were the woman ... i'd look for another man. A man who wants to carry a woman's purse might be more interested in the purse than the woman.

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