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In the House of Queens, Sundays are usually reserved for errands. This includes shopping for the following week's groceries. This Sunday was supposed to be like our regular Sunday even if the following day was a planned day off for us because of the upcoming Labor Day weekend in the US.

We decided to go to Landmark. Groceries were supposed to be what we will shop for. Two hours later, collectively we bought three pairs of shoes, Two pairs of pants, nine pairs of socks. After this type of shopping, we were too hungry and decided that it would be best to have lunch first. Everybody knows that it's not good to buy groceries with an empty stomach. With all of that junk food in the grocery stores, one can end up with more junk food in the cart with all of your defenses down because of hunger.

We went to New Bombay. We had been craving for Indian Food. We had the best Naan since we can't remember. We also had our Chicken Makanwala and Paneer With Spinach. After all that Indian food, we said we were too tired and ditched our original plan for getting groceries. Tomorrow I guess we are going Grocery Shopping.

Location:Valero,Makati City,Philippines

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