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Bespectacled Me

I wore glasses between the age of seven and eighteen.  That’s over a decade of wearing glasses.  At eighteen – I got contact lenses.  I rarely wore glasses after that.  A month ago – I noticed that wearing contact lenses caused some irritation on my eyes.  I saw an ophthalmologist – and he gave me prescription for allergy.  I was happy to hear that I had allergies and not corneal ulcer which some of my friends  experienced previously.  So that’s the good news.

The not so good news is that I am going to be wearing glasses for three weeks – even longer if my allergic reaction to the contact lenses do not go away. 

My main problem in wearing glasses is that they are heavy.  My prescription is high and even if I have the so called ultra thin lenses – they’re till thick and heavy.   There is a tendency for my glasses to slide down my nose.  I needed a solution to keep that from happening.   Apparently – there are sports bands that can solve this issue.  So I bought a couple of them.  Apart from the occasional fogging of the glasses – with the help of the sports band to keep the spectacles in place, I’ve gotten used to wearing eye glasses again.


Playing with Midori while wearing my glasses


I was never seen in public wearing glasses before


This is the sports band that I attach to the glasses


This is what I see without glasses. Bokeh (blurred in Japanese)


This is what I see with Glasses or Contact Lenses

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