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Corner Tree Cafe

At one point in my life – I was vegetarian.  I think it was close to two years – that I didn’t eat any meat.  I did eat eggs and dairy products though.  It all started when I watched an episode of the X-Files where they featured that chickens were actually fed innards of the dead chickens.  That grossed me out and I suddenly lost my taste for animal products.

Back in the 90s – it was difficult to be in the Philippines and to be Vegetarian.  For Filipinos – even vegetable dishes always had meat in it.  I didn’t go hungry but I ate a lot of bread and rice.  Needless to say – even if I was vegetarian – I was fat.

Today, it’s a lot easier to be vegetarian in Manila.  There are a lot of Indian restaurants which serve vegetarian dishes.  Moreover – there are other vegetarian cafes like the Corner Tree Cafe at Jupiter st.

We decided to try it out.  






I am no longer vegetarian.  After those three years, I slowly introduced other meat products into my meals.  The Corner Tree experience was good – but I realized I can never go vegetarian again.

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