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Five Fingers Again

I bought my first pair of Vibram Five Fingers before our trip to Coron Palawan. They were a pair of KSOs (which stands for Keep Stuff Out). They were wonderful outdoors. I used them to hike as well as for swimming. They were great for hiking because my toes can move and grip the slippery rocks under my feet. For swimming, they were better than any aqua shoes I ever owned.

Today I dropped by their stall at the Powerplant mall. I noticed that they have a new design called Speed. These had the same design as the other Five Finger shoes but they had laces on. The salesman said that they're perfect for running. That makes sense but for what Five Fingers stands for (which is barefoot running) the other styles were already perfect. My two cents worth is that this new style allows the buyer to have a much more stylish footwear for "casual" use. You will not catch me wearing my KSOs malling but this new pair can be used for that.

As soon as i unwrapped the package, I wore them and took them for a spin. They have the same comfortable feel and as always, got a lot of stares from people. My dogs enjoy them too and I think that they seem to think that wearing these shoes is my way of getting closer to how they live their lives as dogs.


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