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I am Beagoat Queen

Blogger’s Note: A guest post from Midori the Beagle

MidoriBeagle: I am Midori I am a Beagoat. My last successful Beagoat is 16 hours ago.


BusterTheBeagle: @MidoriBeagle Oops! Better Start hiding now!!

MidoriBeagle: @BustertheBeagle they were worried I swallowed battery. Of course I won't. It was not yummy.

BeagleStitch: @MidoriBeagle - Arrroooooo!!! Beagoats rule!

MidoriBeagle: @BeagleStitch BOL. Since we don't have a remote ... I now have to tell Daddy to stand up and switch channel when watching TV

EvietheBeagle: @MidoriBeagle wow you made a stunning job of that one x

Prime_Beagle: @MidoriBeagle Midiri you id a legend! I bet the humans aren't happy about that one! Use the cute faces we all practice in our spare time :)

MidoriBeagle: @Prime_Beagle cute puppy face like this one? Works all the time. BOL


EvietheBeagle: @MidoriBeagle @Prime_Beagle I'd forgive u. Must practise that face too x

Iamabeagle: @MidoriBeagle hahahahaa. That is fantastic!! That has a beagoats signature all over it.

SleepTyson: @midoribeagle Well done Midori. The beagoats are proud of ya. =) *thumbs up*

MidoriBeagle: @sleepytyson thank you ***blushes***

DaisyDorg: @MidoriBeagle Beagoat of the Week looks like... Well done Midori!

MidoriBeagle: @DaisyDorg thank you. ***bows*** happy to have made you all proud.

Jumpnjoey16: All of @MidoriBeagle 's twitter friends are applauding her for destroying our remote control. It's the second one she destroyed.


  1. ミドリちゃん、美味しかったんですか?気をつけてね。
    was it delicious? ^_^ please be careful, midori!

  2. TokyoKit San. I can't say it's delicious - but I derive a lot of pleasure from chewing hard and crunchy electronics. Beagles are curious dogs which I think is the only flaw that we have.