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Mr. Nice Guy

Last Saturday, the queens of the house decided to have an adventure in the City of Manila.  We wanted to shoot pictures of Paco Park. We weren’t able to do that because it started raining and I didn’t want my camera to get wet.  I had the Sony Nex-5 with me and unlike the Olympus 8010 tough – Sony is not waterproof.

Getting out of the area means going back to Taft avenue.  I can only remember the one way directions from my youth – which is 20 years ago – when I used to go to Manila Science High School on Padre Faure.  So I turned right on a street – in which other cars were also turning right.  Big mistake – a cop stopped us and pointed out that we entered a one way street.

I didn’t argue with the cop – it was a one way street – and it was my mistake.  I just asked him where I can pick up my license.  He said that it can be picked up after a week from the Manila City Hall.  That isn’t too inconvenient for me since I can ask one of my Aunties who work at the Manila City Court to pick it up for me.

After looking at my license – he gave it back to me and he said that he will let me go this time.  He noted that since we were from Sta. Ana – and a resident of the city – and I was being nice about it – he will let me go.  I thanked the officer and drove off.

This is actually the second time this happened to me.  The first time was in Makati.  The officer stopped me for beating a red light.  After looking at my license – he gave it back to me.  That officer also noted that I was being very nice about this – and he just reminded me to drive carefully.

Most of the time – I tell myself that I’m too nice and polite.   I sometimes wonder if it’s a good thing.   Times like this – make me realize – being nice – works for me.

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