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Parent Paranoia

I used to be bewildered whenever I see friends freak out when their children show the slightest symptom of sickness.   Lately – I realized that with my pets – my reaction is actually worse than what I’ve seen with my friends before.

The problem with dogs is that they don’t talk nor do they cry.  The only thing that you can do to identify if there’s something wrong with them is by observing their behaviors.   If they don’t eat, or they sleep too often, or they throw up – that’s the only time that you can suspect that they are sick.

Yesterday afternoon, when I woke up,  Midori’s Nanny said that Midori was sick and she tried knocking on our room but I did not wake up.  Thankfully – it was just another one of those times when Midori ate something ( most probably a cockroach ) – and she just had to throw it all up.   However – I get pictures in my head of dogs’ stomach twisting the same way that Marley ( from that movie ) did before he died.  So in the past – I will rush Midori to the vet whenever this happens.  As I said – thankfully – this time what happened to Midori wasn’t serious.

By the time I woke up – Midori was back to her usual behavior – the Female dog of the house of queens.  She was ready to show everyone that she is top dog ( even if she’s not ).

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