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Away for Business

I remember when I was 20 and I looked forward to business trips.  Having a passport and using that passport seems to have been a badge for a young man to wear – showing that he has made it.  Three weeks after graduation I was able to go to Chicago – which was the start of many trips around the world for business.

The first trip was exciting.  The dozen trips after that continued to be exciting.  Seeing different cities even if I only saw the lobby of my hotel and the lobby of my office was exciting.  Almost two decades after that – I now find myself tired from all the travelling.  I actually managed to stop business travels for five years – but my new role in this company seems to have resurrected the need to visit different offices.

Today – I am in Tokyo.  It’s my second day in Tokyo and I have managed to be drunk on those two days.  My Japanese colleagues think that I can actually drink a lot of alcohol because on my first night I managed to drink so much sake and was still able to go to the office the next day fresh and ready for that day’s task.

I’m about to turn in but I want to share pictures of my hotel to all of you.  This proves to be so many levels above the hotel accommodation we had when I visited Tokyo for Holiday.  Looking out the Window – I can see the Tokyo tower.  That’s understandable since I’m staying at ANA Intercontinental.  I tweeted earlier that I actually forget sometimes that I am a business executive – and these are just the perks of being such.  Of course the price of this hotel is more than double what I am willing to pay for out of my own money.

Tomorrow is a busy day.  I have to meet with an important customer.   For now – I am going to be very comfortable in my home away from home: The ANA Intercontinental.


The View


The Bed




Office Desk with Free Internet


  1. i am you back when you were still looking forward for business trips --- only, wala lang akong business at di ko din alam kung magkaka business trip ako in the future..hahay buhay..

    but anyways, i think your life is quite envious..:)

  2. My dear mahadera. Thank you for visiting the house and leaving your comment. I know that this queen is blessed. I am grateful for all these blessings. This trip to Japan proves to be very interesting. I'd write about it in later posts.

    Hope you visit again in the future.