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Barbie! Oh Barbie!

There was a Barbie Exhibit at the mall.  I was never a fan of Barbie.  I am gay – but dolls were not my thing – and I know a lot of straight acting gay men who love dressing up their Barbie growing up.  I liked playing house and pretend cooking.

In the mall exhibit – the display had these words written on the glass encasement: “When you Look this good, no one cares if you’re plastic.”  It’s a funny tag line – but if I had kids ( I don’t have a child but I have a niece ) – I will not let them play with Barbie from now on.   I am uncomfortable with the thought of telling very young girls – that if they were beautiful – they can get away with anything.   They have a lifetime to discover that – and they need not hear it from their parents.

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