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Fruits of My Labor

I have been working for close to two decades.  I am one of the lucky ones – I get paid good money to do work that I am good at and that I enjoy.  Working has not only provided me the title and the material benefits – but it actually gave me the opportunity to uplift the lifestyle of my family.  As a staff – I was even able to send my brother through College – in a very good university.  Today that I’ve progressed beyond being a staff, with my brother having his own job, and single,  I am able to provide for my family and spend the fruits of my labor in life enriching experiences.  I live independently, eat well, travel regularly, and even enrich my life with my two dogs. This post will not outline how I did it.  This blog post is an expression of gratitude for the work that I have that continues to bless my family and me.  And from my experience – when someone is thankful for all the grace one receives – more blessings come.


  1. Congratulations! You are indeed a blessing to the whole family... we are proud of you... see you again in (Tokyo) :)

    Take care and God bless.

  2. Thanks for visiting Tita. We should try to get together again in Tokyo. Next time - it should either be Sakura season or Fall Colors.