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Hello Again Bizu

Bizu was one of the first restaurants that opened on the expanded Greenbelt back in the late 90s.  It has survived due to its loyal patrons.  However, they are no longer located in their original place at Greenbelt 2 – they are now facing Greenbelt 5.  The House of Queens had dinner there last night – and was pleasantly surprised with the changes made in the overall decor of the new place.  If one can have a muted “French” decoration – this would be it.  It seems like there were also additions to its menu.  So overall – revisiting the restaurant was a pleasant experience.

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Dinner at Bizu started with a new introduction to their menu:  The Three Dips and Baguettini.  The three dips to choose from were Mushrooms in Cream, Spinach and Cheese, and Tomato rosemary.  The group had different favorites – but we discovered that mixing the dips together give a different experience everytime.  So you can start with the mushroom and the spinach, them move to the spinach and tomato --- or if you want you can mix all three together.

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The dips were followed by soup and salad.  Their pumpkin soup was just ok.  We were expecting a little bit more pumpkin flavor.  However – the Salad was great.  We ordered the Nectarine and Prosciutto.  It has parmesan cheese, plum (instead of the usual apple you find other restaurants ) – and they used passion fruit vinaigrette.  That was a refreshing combination that prepared us for our main course.

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We ordered three different dishes.  I was craving for Chicken Cordon Bleu and Carbonara – so that’s what I ordered.  The two other queens ordered Mixed Ravioli and the third dish was Baked Sole.  All of them were delicious.

We skipped dessert this time.  You see – we didn’t miss Bizu’s dessert because we typically have our dessert at Bizu.  We actually noticed that we were not alone in stopping by Bizu for dessert because there were a number of families and friends who dropped by the restaurant for the cakes, macarons, and bread presumably after they had dinner elsewhere.

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If you have not revisited Bizu – i recommend doing it.  I’m sure you will find comfort in the perfect combination of the old and the new Bizu.

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