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Home Cooked Indian Food at Swagat

Tonight we went to Thailand for Indian Food.  I’m not referring to the country – I’m referring to Thailand Street ( formerly known as Rada ) in Legaspi Village, Makati, Philippines.  It’s been almost a year since our last visit and the restaurant has changed since that last visit.  For starters, it no longer just attracted Indian nationals.  On a Sunday night – apart from an Indian man in the corner, we had Filipinos, Europeans, Chinese, and a couple whose Nationality I could not nail. 


Swagat, is known for its home style cooking – or at least that was how they describe their food.  I believe them because I had an Indian boss – and that’s how he described Swagat food.  This is most appropriate because Swagat in one of the many Indian languages means Welcome.  The cook definitely prepares dishes that tells its patrons – this is our home and we welcome you with this great tasting dishes whose recipe has been handed down from one generation to the next.

Our favorites include the Makhanwala – shrimp, chicken, or fish – take your pick.  Tonight we ordered Chicken – boneless.   We also had Palak Paneer and Cucumber Raita.  For Bread, we had Raita, and Roti.  We used to order Sweet Parata but unfortunately they have discontinued it from the menu.  We begged for a special order but the waitress politely declined.  For Rice – we had our usual Buttered Rice.

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After all of those dishes – we were full but we finished all of it.  It’s a hearty meal – but I can’t help but finish all of them.  They’re definitely delish.

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