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On My Way Home

It’s my last day in Tokyo.  I met up with family – and if you are Filipino – you will know that I’m referring to extended family.  The Filipinos’ definition of family goes beyond the typical nuclear family of parents and children.  It doesn’t even just extend to your parent’s siblings and their children… it goes beyond that.  They can be 6th, 7th, 8th or 9th cousins and they are still family.  Anyways – I digress.   More about my family and how big it is in another post.  This time – I want to tell you about meeting up with family in Tokyo and dragging them to the Meiji Shrine.

The queens never got to see the Meiji shrine the last time we visited because we took the wrong turn upon alighting from the Harajuku station.  This time – I did better research and found it quickly.  We braved the rains and got wet and cold but I just know I wanted to see the shrine.

I have a lot of pictures that require some editing because the rain just caused my pictures to be overexposed or underexposed.  It definitely does not give justice to the beauty of the shrine.   However – there is a familiar shrine that we unexpectedly saw in the same place.  Here is the picture:


You are right – this is the Golden Pagoda in Tokyo – but in a miniaturized version.

I am now writing this post while waiting for my flight.  It’s still raining out there – but I’m trying to keep myself warm with the refreshments from the Airline lounge.  It’s been a good trip back to Tokyo but I am definitely ready to go home to my dogs and the house of queens.

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