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The Only Pinoy Beer

It’s October – which means the Philippines ( and the rest of the world ) are joining in a great tradition that the Germans started – Oktoberfest.  I remember the Oktoberfest of my youth – which included binge drinking of the only Pinoy Beer that I will drink with pleasure: San Miguel Beer.  I have tried others – and I just can’t get over how different it is from San Miguel.  I have cut down a lot from drinking Alcoholic drinks.  This is good – since I have also cut down on my physical activity.  Beer – like anything delicious – tends to leave fat deposits on my mid-section.

Sailing the Cebu Waters – with San Mig Light on hand

San Miguel recognizes that even the Gay Market is Huge

The Giant Bottle during this year’s White Party

I Like all varieties – Light, Pale, Super Dry, Negra

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