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Post Production Clean Up

In today’s day and age of digital photography, one’s photos can easily be processed using Adobe Photoshop to remove unwanted images fom the photograph.  The most common usage is in magazines where models, actors, actresses and all other celebrity photos are “tweaked” to remove blemishes, to make them look younger by erasing the lines from their face, or in most cases – to make them look thinner.  For hobbyists like me, that same tool is available.  However – I use the opportunity of post-production in correcting my mistakes in composing a picture.  You see – I must admit that I use the camera like a shot gun.  I take many pictures – and choose those that I think convey what I actually experienced while I was taking the shot.

In doing post production clean up, I was never good in using the mouse to “erase” the pictures’ imperfection.  My Eye-Hand Coordination was never good enough.  This was addressed when I got my iPad and I acquired photo editing application from the App Store.  When I have to “Paint” over a particular area of the picture, I’m editing – my fingers are actually on top of that area – eliminating the need for GREAT Hand-Eye Coordination.  For regular readers of my blog, it is no secret that my favorite application is Filterstorm.  For erasing the imperfections,  I use the “clone” feature of the software.

Here are samples of two pictures that I recently posted in my Facebook account.  I could not post them previously because of some imperfections – but with the help of FilterStorm on the iPad – I was able to MASK those imperfections so they were good enough for sharing.

Can you spot the difference?





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