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The Queen’s Verdict on the iPod Touch 4G

It’s been a week since I have been using the iPod Touch 4th Generation.  I received the unit last week – a full three weeks earlier than the original estimate that I was given when I ordered it.  So far – I’ve been impressed with the ease of completing transactions with the Online Apple store.   That of course is dangerous because it means that it’s easier for me to spend on Apple products – that I might actually not need.

Anyways – I digress – since a lot of people seem to have stumbled on my previous entry – I suspect because they want to know if they should buy the new iPod Touch – I am writing about my experience with this gadget.

Let me just say that the iPod Touch 2nd Generation is the best gadget that I bought in the last couple of years.  So for anyone who does not own an iPod Touch – I think this is a really good time to buy a new iPod Touch – in the form of the 4th Gen.  The iPod Touch is more than just a music player for me. The applications that I have downloaded from the Apple App Store has definitely provided me a whole lot of functionality --- Note taking, voice recording, photo editing, Social Networking and of course – let’s  not forget GAMES.

Now – if you are currently an owner of an iPod Touch 2nd or 3rd Generation – is it worth getting the newest incarnation of the gadget?

Let me answer that by talking about the different improvements of this version:

1. Retina Display: I think I’m just too myopic to appreciate the beauty of the Retina Display.  Don’t get me wrong – I can see the difference between the iPod Touch 2G and iPod Touch 4G. They’re great in games – but so what?   Yes – Angry Birds look a lot more beautiful on the gadget – but with such a tiny screen, I don’t know what has been gained with the Retina display.

2. Multitasking – I must say that the iPod Touch ( and any apple product ) seems to have the fastest mobile devices that I’ve ever used.  I was a little bit apprehensive over the performance of the device now that IOS 4 allows multitasking.  I must say that I have not seen any problems.  I can compare this with my Nokia and HTC devices which just crawls after opening too many applications.  The iPod Touch 4G does not slow down.  It seems to be able to manage the gadget resources so as not to impact the program’s performance.

3.  Camera – The camera reminds me of my phone cameras almost a decade ago.  They are great for posting pictures on Twitter.  The Video is HD but grainy especially in low light.  However – they are also great for posting Videos on Twitter.  If you are thinking of buying the gadget for its camera – forget it.  One advantage of the camera addition is the users’ ability to utilize the camera for apps which require it.  For example – bar code scanning can now be done on the Grocery Apps that I have bought.   I am also now able to use Hipstamatic – which is popular with iPhone users for producing fantastic Vintage looking photos.

Video Capture from iPod Touch 4G

4.  FaceTime – I’m a loser.  I don’t know anyone who I can do FaceTime with.  This is where Apple is better than the other manufacturers.  They are not the first gadget which had a front facing camera.  Nokia Devices had it since I can’t remember.  But Apple recognized that the 3G networks in some countries could just not carry the video feed as well as we would like it to.  So they limited its functionality to being available only via WiFi.

iPhone 001 iPhone 002

Photos from the iPod Touch Camera

5.  Built in Microphone – It’s great that finally the gadget has a microphone.   For my iPod Touch 2G – I had to buy a microphone attachment to be able to use the voice recorder.

6.  Thinner dimensions – People have remarked about how thin the gadget is.  It’s thinner – that is true – but the millimeters difference is not practical.  Moreover – since it has new dimensions – I now have to look for a new case for it.  Incidentally – none of the stores carry it yet.  So I have to wait for two more weeks when the stores get their first shipment of the iPod Touch 4.

Left – 4th Generation; Right – 2nd Generation

My verdict – if you don’t own an iPod Touch ( or you own the iPod Touch First Generation ) – Go ahead and get the iPod Touch 4G.  It continues to be the best gadget you can buy – for games, business applications, and of course music.

However – if you currently own an iPod Touch 2nd or 3rd Generation ( which came out fairly recently ) – The new features of the 4th Generation do not add a lot to the features already present in what you have. 


  1. I'm envious! I hope I can afford that. hmmm...sana sa pasko. hehe :D

  2. Thank you for dropping by. Save for it. It's a great gadget. But then again i've seen your photos and they're good. So if I were you, I'd be torn between this and a great new lens.