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Revisiting Shibuya

There is a storm in Okinawa and the storm has brought in some rain in Tokyo.  This threw off my schedule since I planned to go to the top of Roponggi Hills tower to take a shot of the Tokyo skyline at night.  I was tempted to just stay in and get an early night but one of the queens encouraged me to explore the city even if it’s cold and wet outside.

I decided to revisit Shibuya.  You will recall that on our first visit to Tokyo,  Shibuya was the first place we visited – and we witnessed the great Shibuya crossing.  Back then – I was carrying a point and shoot which allowed me to take good pictures.  With the Sony Nex 5 – I have a little bit more flexibility in controls and I decided to play with the shutter speed settings.  I also got the chance to sit on the second floor of the Starbucks store at the Shibuya crossing.   This is a great place to watch the people and the cars in this famous interaction.   I was there for almost an hour just observing and taking the pictures.


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