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Roka Salad at Cyma

Roka Salad at Cyma is my favorite Salad in town.  I love the taste of the Parmesan shavings, the strawberry vinaigrette and the Candied walnuts mixed with the bed of lettuce and arugula leaves.  I think Cyma’s candied walnuts is the best in Manila.  Other restaurants put candied walnuts on their salad but I don’t think that there’s one which tastes as good as the one used in Roka salad. 

BTW – I am writing this blog post while waiting for my flight to Tokyo. I am going back to the Land of the rising sun but this time – for business.   Although I’m looking forward to going back to Japan – I know I will miss the residents of the house of queens – especially Midori and Char Siew.  I will be away for a week and this is the longest trip I’ve been away since I got my two dogs.

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