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Shallow Joy

Shallow Joy – is translated from an actual Filipino expression.  It refers to some people’s ability to find Joy in the simplest of things.  As a young child – this was easy for all of us.  I remember the first time that I held a salagubang – a beetle in my hand and I was thrilled.   As I became an adolescent – finding joy became harder.  We become preoccupied by thoughts of being popular, being beautiful and being liked by other people.

Now – that I’m all grown up – past the age when people still call me young – I am starting to rediscover shallow joy.  I think it all started when I got my dogs.  Look at this picture of Midori – we actually seem to have captured her joyful disposition.   She is indeed the house of queens’ jester.  Dogs live for the moment – not worrying about tomorrow and forgetting about any sorrows in the past.

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