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This is Just Wrong

This is a collection of images that are funny – and sometimes disturbing.  They are also images that shouldn’t have existed if someone was just paying attention and thinking really hard about the implications of what they were doing before they actually did it.


This is an ad for a supposedly luxurious Apartment Tower. I am not sure how people will go to the upper floors given that there doesn’t seem to be any elevators.  There are four elevetors though – and I’m not sure what those are.


In the Philippines, part of the drug prevention program is the compulsory drug testing during Driver’s license Renewal.  They are outsourced to accredited drug testing clinics.  This is one of those Drug Testing centers.  I am not sure what they’re laughing about.  Maybe – it’s the easy money they earn for conducting the test which should be free in the first place.


I try to be nice in my tweets most of the time.  The other day – I had a little bit more motivation in staying Nice --- the Big Guy on the North Pole started following me.  I want to be on his nice list.  However – do you really want Santa Claus to be following you on Twitter?   There are days when I just need to be naughty – and the only outlet I have is Twitter.


This sign had two typo errors.  I am not sure what Garic Squid is – but I’d forgive that.  What I can’t forgive is the second typo error.   I eat most parts of the pig --- but one thing I’d definitely not want to taste is SWEAT and SOUR pork.

Speaking of Pork – the last picture in this post is just plain Wrong.  Mr. Butcher – I do not need to be reminded that the Ground Pork used to be a cute animal.  Please – please don’t remind me!  I was planning to have Lumpiang Shanghai for this week but had to change my mind because I didn’t have the heart to CARVE a half kilo of meat from this pig.


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