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Tokyo Bag

Prior to my trip to Tokyo, I accompanied one of the queens in her search for the perfect leopard print scarf.  We went to Louis Vuitton and found that they  mark up they merchandise 100% even for items that are last season.  She eventually found a compromise item.  While looking for her scarf I found this bag.  It’s obviously inspired by the PS1 or the Mulberry Alexa.  It’s a woman’s handbag.  However – I actually recall a scene in Sex and the City 2 where Aidan was carrying a similar Geek Bag.  I bought it and it now carries my camera, passport and half a dozen electronics.  All I can say is that if Indiana Jones or his son was gay – this is how their bag will look like.  I got this bag from Zara  for3,500 pesos.


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