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I was too tired for a proper dinner but I was hungry.  The Hong Kong airport has a lot of choices for dining and all the noodle and dimsum stalls looked really good.  However – I had to queue up and hunt for a seat in the shared seating area.  I didn’t have any strength left for that activity so I knew I just had to be in a sit-down restaurant.

HKG 025

I found one at Terminal 1.  Café Deco is the name of the restaurant.  The menu was decent but I think it was confused.  I can’t really describe it as serving a particular cuisine.   To illustrate, I ordered Yang Chao Fried Rice and for Dessert, I ordered Crème Brulee.  I asked the waiter to serve the dessert together with the main course. This is not an unusual request for me.  I love my desserts best when I eat them in between bites of my main course.

HKG 022

HKG 023

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