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Baby Pictures

When I need some cheering up, I look at my babies’ pictures.  These are my favorite funny pics of Char Siew and Midori:


It was our first time to take Char Siew out. I wanted to just carry him on my lap while we drove to Bonifacio High St.  I wasn’t confident that he won’t take care of business during the 10 minute ride so we put on some doggy diapers on him.


Midori has a love-hate relationship with Baths.  She doesn’t seem to mind getting wet.  She loves the water.  In fact, one of the places she goes to regularly is her nanny’s bathroom.  However – she hates the time when she has to be dried.  We use a blower to get her dry but a little bit of towel drying is also needed.  This picture was taken one time when we were playing around with her.  She didn’t seem to amused by the joke.

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