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Charlie’s Grind and Grill

Upon landing in Manila, the queens picked me up and we were all  hungry and we wanted comfort food.  While I was in Tokyo they discovered Charlie’s Grind and Grill at Kapitolyo in Pasig.  The restaurant is co-located with a car wash.   It’s an interesting place with bathrooms not working and slippery floors – which I assume is caused by all the oil that spills from the food that is served.  So the surroundings are definitely not encouraging.  But we were there for the food.  We had Cheese steak sandwich and Chicken Burger.  I also ordered milk shake which completes my idea of comfort food.  All in all – the food was ok.  It was not spectacular – but it was good.

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  1. I wish I can try this too. I heard they really have good burgers.