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Hi-Tech Flying with Cathay Pacific

Flying to Hong Kong for another business meeting.  I was again booked with Cathay Pacific, one of my favorite airlines.  I don’t like flying.  It’s a stressful experience for me.   It takes a lot of effort for me to relax during the flight.  So it helps when I can get distracted with my gadgets.  On this flight – the airplane had its own set of hi-tech.   I am referring to the personal screens which can be found even on coach.  It’s got games, movies, TV shows. 

HKG 006

This flight also provides a power socket for laptops.  This is the first time that I saw this on coach.

HKG 013

HKG 015

What I enjoyed most is access to the airplane camera which was placed at the belly of the airplane.  This provides an interesting perspective of the flight as we landed on the tarmac.  Flying over Hong Kong provided a glimpse of the lights of the city.  As we touched down, I was amazed that I can see the wheels of the airplane slowly approaching the concrete. 

HKG 018

HKG 035

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