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I am a Beagle

Blogger’s Note: This is a guest post by @MidoriBeagle

Daddy and I are always amused when people call me “Hush Puppies”.  First – I know I’m fat – but I don’t think that justifies being referred to in plural form.  Second – there’s no such breed.   Hush Puppies is a brand of shoes.  Lastly – I know that people are referring to the dog in the “Hush Puppies” advertisements.   I’ve got news for you people – that’s not a Beagle.  It’s a different breed.  It’s actually a Basset Hound.  It’s a hound like me but it’s a totally different breed.  I have Basset Hound friends and their cool dogs.  I heard my Daddy say that he wants to have a Basset Hound someday. 

Last weekend – while walking around Eastwood mall, we saw a poster of Hush Puppies.  I told Daddy I would like to hang out near the poster and stare at the picture.  I want to have a close inspection and try to find out why people think we’re the same breed.  Don’t you think we look very different?

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