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Ice Scramble

Earlier this year I asked my Facebook friends if any of them know the recipe for Ice Scramble.  For those who are not familiar with this treat – it’s basically like a snow cone but with Cream and Chocolate syrup.  Along with dirty ice cream, fish balls, Isaw, and all the other street food sold outside of our schools – it was forbidden to eat them.  Our parents warned us of the many diseases we can get from eating the “dirty” street food.  All of these were so good that most of us ignore that warning.  I never got sick from eating them but one of my sisters got Hepatitis attributed by the doctor to “dirty” food she loved to eat.  From then on – street food was banned from my diet.

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As an adult – I don’t really miss eating them because most of them are now available in stalls inside mall food courts.  The only one that’s missing is Ice Scramble.  This weekend – while at the Rockwell Bazaar – we encountered a stall which sold ISKRAMBOL.  They come in different flavors and you can choose different toppings.  It was definitely fancier than what I was looking  We were skeptical but still tried it.  We ordered strawberry and Buco Pandan flavors.  My verdict – it is good and it does approximate the Ice Scramble of my youth but it is not exactly the same.

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Oh well – that just means I have to search for the authentic ISKRAMBOL.  I wonder if I can find it by going back to my elementary school.

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