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The iPad Case + Bluetooth Keyboard

I was on the lookout for a good gadget find during our trip to Singapore.  I am going to Hong Kong in a couple of weeks but the shops there are Ginormous and for me it’s a place where you can buy the equipment after doing online research.  In Singapore – I was really just doing my regular shop browsing.

The result of that browsing is this new iPad Case that I bought.  It’s a leather case with a built in Bluetooth Keyboard.  It’s a great gadget geek’s find.  One of the reasons why I have not bought the iPad Keyboard dock is mobility.  The keyboard dock seems to be too chunky to bring around.  In this case – you don’t really have anything extra to bring for the keyboard comfort that a lot of iPad owners are looking for.

Bluetooth Keyboard 002

I bought the case for 170 Singapore Dollars.  That’s a fair price.   The case admittedly adds a little bit of weight to carry around for the iPad.  But it’s still lighter than the netbooks.  I am not sure which is heavier – this ipad + case or the new Macbook Air 11’’.

Bluetooth Keyboard 005Bluetooth Keyboard 001Bluetooth Keyboard 004

The keyboard is responsive – and according to the shop – it lasts ninety hours on a single charge.

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