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Long Lost Cousin of Harry?

I’m a Potterhead … not a Pothead.  I discovered Harry Potter in Book 2: “The Chamber of Secrets”.    I have a previous post on the collector’s item chest that I bought with all seven books and I am definitely excited over the upcoming Part 1 and Part 2 movie version of “The Deathly Hallows”.

The other day, while walking by the second hand bookstore at our office I found  a book called: “Larry Potter and his Best Friend Lilly”.  I have heard of the book before.  It’s written by an American Author who has filed copyright infringement on JK Rowling.  That lawsuit has been dismissed.


Copyright is a tricky subject.  As I write my blog entries, I always ask myself if the material I’m using is my own.  In fact – as much as there are pictures in the internet for the general public’s use, most of the time, I use my own photos.

As for Mr. Larry Potter – I wanted to buy the book the next day to see what it was all about.  Too bad that the day after, the book was no longer there.

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